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penis erect enought for sex Tests for erection Problems Tests for erection problems help determine a specific cause for a man s inability to achieve or maintain an erection erectile dysfunction or impotence webmd erectile dysfunction Tests for erection Problems can t get get a really good erection for penetration can t get get stronger erection re mended dose of Viagra The way to can t get get stronger erection the re mended dose of Viagra Sildenafil Citrate your partner must be sexually excited to get an erection my cheap viagra ok viagra can t get get an erection Man with year erection awarded Sexual health MSNBC Two years before Viagra hit the pharmacy shelves Charles Lennon got a penile implant to over e his impotence msnbc msn id can t get get an erection Male erection Pill Biovigora best selling erectile dysfunction male erection erection help erection dysfunction penile erection harder effective ingredients in our products in order to e up with the best and most male erection pill can t get get an erection Taking ginseng is not without risk I remember a UPS driver in the s who used to eat fresh ginseng roots like carrots – a root a day He had found a large stand of wild plants in a nearby forest so he had a virtually unlimited supply of the fresh roots At first the effect was “fantastic” he told me as we regularly struck a conversation during his delivery stops at Richters He laughingly boasted about his “amazing” sexual virility and endurance and said he never felt stronger or happier But soon he began to be more muted about ginseng and then was no longer seen with a half eaten root dangling cigarette like between fingers It was not long after that we didn’t see him anymore and later I heard that he had become so weak he had to quit UPS Whether the UPS driver’s weakness was due to excessive intake of ginseng is a matter of speculation but traditional Chinese ists warn about inappropriate use of ginseng For example the American variety is considered “cooling” and should not be taken by elderly patients while the Chinese or Korean variety is “warming” and should not be taken by younger patients Excessive or long term use of either ginseng can lead to debility ists warn which raises questions about the recent practice of adding ginseng to foods and drinks for everyday use viagra alternative viagra cite viagra woman x alternative supplement viagra best viagra female viagra buy viagra alternative viagra viagra affiliate viagra uk viagra cartridge viagra page viagra heart mixing viagra type viagra for Viagra Viagra how quickly it has entered our lexicon

The most successful new drug introduction ever Viagra racked up record first year sales for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer


U S worldwide in In Canada sales hit


Canadian in the first full month on the market in April this year Unabashedly the little blue pill has made talk of male impotence and the quest for good sex respectable topics of everyday conversation and humour Viagra has caused a subtle but nonetheless important change in the way we perceive pills For the first time Viagra has made the recreational use of drugs acceptable in the mainstream Purportedly a treatment for a medical condition – male erectile dysfunction – Viagra is mostly taken by healthy males who can achieve an erection but want to enhance sexual enjoyment For these men

and women taking Viagra is a quality of life issue not a medical one In this sense Viagra is the first widely accepted ‘lifestyle drug’ The huge success of Viagra has spawned imitations particularly ones made with The Internet engine Alta Vista returned web sites for ‘ viagra’ And these are just the brave ones because the unauthorized use of the word “viagra” is known to elicit a threatening letter from Pfizer’s lawyers in defense of its registered trademark For example a British company tried to market a sex enhancing product called “Viagrene” and was stopped by Pfizer’s lawyers No doubt Pfizer is behind a current ban on Viagra alternatives in China There drug companies rushed to offer their own versions of sex enhancing potions One called “Weige ” or Big Brother was confidently projected to sell million pills this year before the government banned Viagra look alikes Over the past year reports about viagra alternatives have appeared in news An African version called “Vuka Vuka ” or Wake Up Wake Up is now the most popular drug in Zimbabwe according to the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper It is liquid extract made of unspecified that is taken only once a month and is claimed to be better than Viagra Ferula hormonis dried root and capsules An Associated Press report described a Lebanese version made from the root of the Hairy Root Plant

“Shirsh Zallouh” This is identified as Ferula hormonis a perennial of the parsley family that is found above feet in the mountains According to the report the roots are soaked in wine or are ground into powder and taken in capsules or mixed with tea A Lebanese ist friend of mine in Toronto insists that Ferula hormonis really works The roots are scarce but he managed to get me a sample which I have not yet tried Even Canadian Press got into the act with a story on “Nature’s Viagra ” According to the report Edmonton ist Robert Rogers recommends an extract of the dried fruits of Tribulus terrestris for male impotence The extract acts as a “natural steroid” and “muscle enhancer ” presumably by increasing the body’s own testosterone production – by up to % Rogers was quoted as saying Testosterone is associated with increased athletic performance and helps to restore male fertility A Bulgarian study of men suffering from impotence which showed that tribulus extracts increase sperm production sperm survival and sperm motility Virility Vigour and Vitality from the Lifestyle Tribulus terrestris fruits or “seeds” Tribulus is a low growing weed now found in much of the world It is common in California where it is commonly known as Puncturevine because its thorny


fruits easily puncture tires In China the fruits are regarded as having a hypotensive

blood pressure lowering and diuretic effect In Turkey tribulus is also used for its hypotensive and diuretic effects and to treat high cholesterol and colic pains Viagra was first proposed as a heart drug for the treatment of angina It works by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the heart A key effect of the drug is to lower blood pressure which makes it dangerous to take for those with low blood pressure to begin with I find it interesting that many of the alternatives to Viagra act similarly with an association between lowering blood pressure heart disease and male impotence turning up more often than not In tribulus we see this set of effects in the folkloric and clinical history of the Tribulus dried fruits are rich in steroidal saponins Saponins are soap like compounds that increasingly are under study for their medicinal properties In ginseng saponins are thought to be responsible for the root’s adaptogenic effects Saponins in the roots of Kenyan plants may be responsible for keeping blood cholesterol in check among the Masaai of Africa whose diet consists almost entirely of cholesterol rich milk meat and blood In tribulus saponins were recently shown to reduce smooth muscle spasms which may explain a Turkish folkloric usage of the fruits for colic Saponins seem to be turning up more often now as their possible dietary and medicinal benefits become better appreciated Although modern scientific and medical research are accepted modes of generating new knowledge about plants the vast majority of our knowledge still comes from traditional folkloric knowledge Most modern research is guided by what was learned about plants and their medicinal effects hundreds and thousands of years ago But folklore is not merely a historical artifact it is a living breathing body of knowledge to which new folklore is added every day It may seem strange to think this way but folklore is continuously evolving and adapting to the needs of the people For past generations infant mortality was high life expectancy low and having children was a form of old age pension so taking to enhance fertility was very important Today there is more interest in contraceptive and in that can enhance the quality of life in middle and old age The new folklore is important because it is the product of trying new or old in new ways In many cases the new folklore is inspired by the findings of modern research In other cases it is the product of new usages never tried before The Internet is speeding up the growth of the new folklore making it easier to spread and take root viagra alternatives are very much part of the new folklore Inspired by the success of Viagra real and wannabe ists quacks and snake oil salesmen are putting forth their alternatives hoping for a piece of the pie Whether these potions prove to be efficacious successes or limp failures it is interesting to document some of the ones advertised on the Internet and in the print media What follows is a sampling I collected in my “ viagra” folder over a six month period without seriously trying to collect literature on these products Please note that mention of any products in this article does not constitute an endorsement of their safety or efficacy This article is not meant to be a recommendation to try these products A number of products in my folder are based on the bark of the yohimbe tree

Pausinystalia yohimbe a traditional aphrodisiac from West Africa Studies show that the bark and its main active constituent the alkaloid yohimbine have some benefit on erectile dysfunction It is interesting that yohimbine has been used for angina and arteriosclerosis and that it lowers blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels Like tribulus it is sold as an aphrodisiac and as a dietary supplement alternative to anabolic steroids to enhance athletic performance The U S Food and Drug Administration reported that commercial yohimbe products contain less than % of the yohimbine found in authentic yohimbe bark and in some cases contained none The FDA also found that commercial products are missing other alkaloids normally found in the bark which suggests that these products are made with the yohimbine alkaloid only and not the whole bark Because yohimbine accounts for only % of the total alkaloid content of the authentic bark it is possible that important modulating or synergistic compounds are missing in the commercial products Since most commercial yohimbe products appear to be made with yohimbine alkaloid only I wonder if the – the natural alkaloid rich bark – has been classified unfairly by the FDA as unsafe A mantra oft repeated one to which I give some credence is alkaloids can become more dangerous when separated from the crude leaf bark or root and administered in purified form To my way of thinking it seems unlikely though not impossible that a traditional use of yohimbe bark could persist in West Africa if it fundamentally unsafe as the FDA insists “Yohimbe ” advertised on the Internet is a powder sold in capsules The advertising does not specifically make claims for the product but rather for yohimbe bark the implied ingredient It states that yohimbe “appears to increase blood flow into the penis while at the same time preventing blood from flowing out ” It also says that yohimbe “helps prevent arteries from being clogged” and “has been used for the treatment of congestive heart failure ” From the advertising it is impossible to tell whether the product has yohimbe bark or the yohimbine alkaloid instead erection Ahead Poster at Gifts Find the erection Ahead Poster and other great Home

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penis erect enought for sex erection To some yohimbe based viagra alternatives other are added For example “ V ” promising a “New Sexual Revolution ” contains yohimbine tribulus oat

Avena sativa and androstenedione Another “Great Sex For Men”

and its companion product “Great Sex For Women” contains oat Korean ginseng

Panax ginseng bee pollen and vitamins in addition to yohimbe

or yohimbine Androstenedione by the way is the performance enhancing dietary supplement baseball slugger Mark McGwire admited to taking Although it is found in some plants I could not ascertain if commercial products such as “ V” contain plant source androstenedione Dried oat straw

Avena sativa Oat

“wild oats” tempts me here is a popular ingredient in viagra alternatives The dried straw or flowering tops are used by ists as a tonic for nerves and for the uterus The has stimulating properties and is added as the “Great Sex” advertising puts it “for the promotion of energy ” According to ist John Lust the tea added to bathwater is useful for a variety of problems mainly in the vicinity of the navel including liver problems lower back problems kidney and bladder problems intestinal colic and bedwetting Lust does not mention specific libido enhancing merits but perhaps the thinking is that a with so many positive effects in the neighbourhood of the genitals can’t be all bad to include in a viagra product Oat is the main ingredient of product advertised in a major Toronto daily Boldly called “The Viagra Alternative ” it is claimed to have “no side effects” and to be “safe for people with high blood pressure

heart problems ” Added are two tonic saw palmetto

Serenoa repens and stinging nettle

Urtica dioica Like oat nettle is used for a variety of urinary tract problems including inflammation gravel and gout Saw palmetto one of the top ten selling today is the well known used for prostate gland enlargement and inflammation Together it seems plausible that these may have some beneficial supportive effect on erectile dysfunction A Mexican entry in the viagra stakes is damiana

Turnera diffusa syn T aphrodisiaca This small aromatic bush from Texas and northern Mexico is used to flavour a liqueur by the same name It is used in other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages as well as candies and desserts The tea made with the leaves is considered an aphrodisiac and tonic in Mexico and a recent animal study provides some support The study showed that a damiana extract boosts “copulatory performance” in sexually sluggish or impotent rats The percentage of rats achieving ejaculation increased while the interval between copulations decreased Ginseng has a secure place in the lore on sex enhancing For thousands of years it was recommended for flagging libidos in China The root’s passing resemblance to a human body only added to its mystique Most sought after were roots with an appendage attached in a suggestive place commanding even today hundreds or thousands of dollars a root for the very best There are several plants that go by the name ‘ginseng’ The best known ones are the chinese

or korean variety Panax ginseng and its close american cousin Panax quinquefolius The Panax ginsengs are very rich in saponins thought to be responsible for the myriad of effects attributed to ginseng Ginseng products are now sold widely in North America probably the best known brand being “Ginsana ” Again like other viagra alternatives ginseng can lower high blood pressure and can lower cholesterol and can presumably increase blood flow As my octagenarian mother once told a television crew with a glint in her eye

“I don’t know if ginseng is an aphrodisiac but it makes you feel better and if you feel better everything works better ” Ever the teaser she gleefully takes credit for my wife’s two rapidfire pregnancies during a stretch when she personally administered a piece of root to me every morning Now in deference to my wife’s protestations about the idea of a third child my mother stopped giving me ginseng because as she loves to tell everybody my wife “needs a break ” Besides the true Panax ginsengs there are other “ginsengs” gaining popularity in North America for effects superficially similar to those of the real ginsengs The root of “Indian ginseng ” better known as “ashwaghanda”

Withania somnifera is a traditional sexual stimulant in East Africa In ashwaghanda one finds once again an aphrodisiac that is also known to lower blood pressure But like many this is not without potential side effects when used improperly having narcotic abortifacient and sedative properties among others “Brazil ginseng”

Pfaffia paniculata is a newcomer to the faux “ginseng” trade in North America In the damiana study mentioned earlier involving sexually sluggish rats pfaffia root extract was shown to be similarly effective in improving “copulatory performance ” As in the experiments with damiana ejaculations were more numerous and intervals shorter in rats receiving the pfaffia extract Although there are no confirming studies yet I bet pfaffia dilates blood vessels increases blood flow and lowers high blood pressure just like Viagra and many of the alternatives do The ‘lifestyle’ are here to stay Pfizer’s Viagra has had a big influence on how we think about enhancing our lives with drugs and What’s the next big taboo the drug companies will turn into a lifestyle issue

I would not be surprised that the recreational use of ‘feel good’ euphoriants stimulants and even hallucinogens will be next It may be difficult to picture now but not long ago it was hard also to imagine a drug company making millions on a drug sold to enhance sex Of course there are plenty of with precisely these ‘feel good’ effects viagra Is it safe MayoClinic Many products marketed as sexual stimulants claim to be natural versions of viagra — but they are not the same as the prescription drug mayoclinic health viagra AN viagra WHC viagra Products Although viagra gets all the headlines there are effective viagra alternatives The viagra alternatives appear to be equally effective in restoring worldwidehealthcenter net category php cat hv viagra viagra The Internet engine Alta Vista returned web sites for viagra And these are just the brave ones because the unauthorized use of the richters newdisplay cgi page MagazineRack Articles viagra viagra Kohinoor to Increase Libido Natural Male Enhancement Formula Kohinoor gold to increase libido with more sperm count Shilajit works like viagra to enhance the effect of nitric oxide to produce an erection ayurvediccure kohinoor viagra Mens erectioin Choice has reviews and unbiased information for male enhancement non prescription and prescription products like erection the mens choice erection very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections DOE Document erection OF REACTOR PRIMARY CIRCUIT Project DRAGON erection OF REACTOR PRIMARY CIRCUIT Project DRAGON osti gov energycitations product biblio jsp osti id can t get get an erection erection Control Workbook Not Available Book at shop ping shop ping is the best place to parison shop for erection Control Workbook Not Available Book shop ping p erection Control Workbook very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections Enzyte Enzyte AllStar health allstar health de p ref yahoossp ENZYTE Enzyte very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections Vig Oil Official Site Rock Solid erection s in Seconds If you want harder longer lasting erection s the assurance of enduring virility and the very best way to wow your woman then try our product per bottle vig oil very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections erection CafePress Get your own free online store today Subscribe to this shop s newsletter Back to Top Awkward erection Ringer T Awkward erection Value T shirt cafepress ch erection he wanted to get an erection that was impressive View TheFreeLibrary London Joins European Challenge For Greatest erection With PianoFind hundreds of leading publications on numerous topics at TheFreeLibrary thefreelibrary View a very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections Massive erection Adult T shirt shop shop for Massive erection Adult T shirt at shop preshrunk cotton with design printed on the front oz with shoulder to shoulder tape with a shop op aprod p very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections Buy Prulato Remember how great it felt when you were Remember was just easier then somehow Remember know what we re talking about Remember all want it Remember some of us evitamins product asp pid very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections herbal Viagra Alternative erection remedy herbal Viagra Female World No herbal Viagra alternative Sexual Enhacement Products for Erectile Dysfunction Male Impotence can t get get an erection hard enough for sex Enhancement Capsules Safe e medicare gb very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections Levitra Drug Information Vardenafil is the generic drug name for Levitra Levitra and Levitra Learn more at Everyday health everyday health PublicSite DrugsAZ frmInfoText aspx intCpnum very functional these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections erection Encyclopaedia Britannica erection learn can t get get an erection easily and safely hardening and elevation of the male reproductive organ in form from the inability to gain an erection to weak erection s premature britannica eb article erection he wanted to get an erection that was impressive Fall Hazard Training Video VHS English Buy Fall Hazard Training Videos day Money Back Guarantee Safety Training Videos to assist organizations with workplace safety and HR training issues safety erection training network view services erection these guys had huge boners with no difficulting to get erections Magna Lotion Gets You A Stronger erection mand yourself in bed with more control better climaxes and a stronger cock than ever before Just buymagna lotion can t get get an erection Market Report How erection Occurs Price Immediate Download How erection Occurs part of the Drugs

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